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Whateva, whateva; I do what I want!

All circuits are busy

Hey there,

I've been with TMobile for 4 or 5 years (since back in the day when they were still VoiceStream--I am still using my original Nokia 3390!). Over the last few months I've been having a problem with my phone. I can make calls just fine, but people seem to be having problems calling me, specifically my boyfriend since he's one of the very few people who regularly call me. Often when he calls, he gets an "all circuits are busy" message. There are times when he has to call 5 or 6 times before he can get through to me. And then there are time when he just gives up and sends me an email because he just keeps getting the "all circuits are busy" message. He's encountered the problem calling from his Sprint PCS phone and from his landline phone (and even from a landline phone at the place where we volunteer). And it only seems to happen at night. Anybody have this problem or suggestions?
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